Balboa Bay Club Wedding – Decorating The Arbor

After we delivered the personals last Sunday, it was on to decorate the wedding arbor at the venue! In keeping with the romantic, storybook type of look that Lauren envisioned for her wedding, we had decided to go with an organic but very classic, pink look – to keep it economical, we covered much of the arbor in curly willow branches, and used little pops of bright flowers rather than a solid cover.

I used another great Save-On-Crafts find in this design – their Grapevine Chandelier.  At $20, this thing was easy to decorate, can be reused, and added a big impact to the ceremony site!  Here is the site semi set up.  For any potential  DIY’ers reading, read on – I am happy to share the basic how to for a design like this and will weave it into the post- it’s intimidating the first time you have to estimate the quantities / supplies you will need, but not difficult to execute.

This arbor was about 6′ 7″ tall, and about 8′ wide.  Just two of the very tallest curly willow branches available (which are 5 – 6′ each) were enough to decorate each side of the arbor.  They really branch out at the top! They are easy to secure using bind wire like this – it’s wired twine and very easy to tie (also matches the color of the branches, unlike something like zip ties that are also great to use to secure flowers to arches, but need to be concealed).

how to decorate an arbor DIY arch wedding curly willow

The pops of flowers are made with two sizes of Oasis iglu cages – grande and small.    Each has a few stems of Pink Majolika spray roses in them, with varigated Pittosporum, white waxflower, and white hydrangea (touches of amaranthus were added later).  Those were secured to the arbor with chenille stems because they were relatively light – for anything heavier, I’d use cable ties, heavy gauge wire, etc.

pearls pink spray roses curly willow romantic wedding arch decoration arbor chuppah

I also used Pearl garland that I got at Save-On-Crafts for this design!
grapevine chandelier arbor arch chuppah wedding how to diy

Additional curly willow was added across the top of the arbor – we wanted tips facing each way, not all one direction, so we used eight smaller (4′) branches, four on each side and two facing each way, and bind wired them on in the same way.
wedding rose garden arbor arch chuppah decorate DIY

The arbor definitely came to life with the gorgeous wedding couple in front of it in the pro pics:

balboa bay club wedding randy lauren newport arch romantic roses



April 30, 2012 - 9:17 pm

Deborah Daking - I just love your ideas.

May 1, 2012 - 9:38 am

Kate - Thanks Deborah!

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