Oh, Flower Balls

Because my own DIY experiment was rather modest, I wanted to follow up with some inspiration pics showing different creative varations on the flower ball (aka pommander).  Images of flower balls abound, but there’s more to these guys than carnation balls on shepherd’s hooks and flower girl pommanders.

Here are my favorites!

Firstly, flower balls don’t have to be cutesy.  They can be very “Platinum Weddings” in fact.  I know this first one isn’t really a ball but more of a dome, but HAD to share.  The designer, Vo Floral Design out of San Leandro CA shared that 250 roses were used to create it! You heard that right…two…hundred…and…fifty!

Orchid Rose Wedding Pommanders Centerpieces

Image sources: Top (Vo Floral Designs), Bottom (Boutwell Studio Via Botanical Brouhaha)

They don’t have to be carnations or roses either!

floral pomanders

Image sources: Left (Martha Stewart), Right (For Life Photography)

They don’t need no stinking containers – they like to hang out naked!

Rose Pommanders Wedding Flower Balls

Image sources: Top (Just Bloomed), Bottom Left (Allison Events via Casa Sugar). Bottom right source unknown, if anyone knows the source please let me know so I can credit properly!

They don’t have to be red, pink, orange, or yellow.  Here they are in various cool shades of blue and white, styled from casual to formal:

Wedding Flower Balls Pommander

Image sources: Top left (The Bride and the Bloom), Top right (Pico Design), Bottom Left (Elizabeth Ann Designs), Bottom Right (Chloe XOXO)

And I saved my favorite for last.  They can defy gravity, hanging overhead in a “skyscape” or behind a couple in a curtain design.  The top left pic wasn’t from a wedding but a widely photographed installment at the Wynn Hotel Las Vegas.   Enjoy!

Hanging Pommanders Wedding

Image sources: Top left (Arizona Steve), Top right (Fiore Designs), Middle (LI Weddings), Bottom (Sweet Simple Joys)

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