Carondelet House Wedding – Preview

I am finally catching up on some long overdue blog entries!

First up is a preview of an event that was a total pleasure back to create flowers for back in early September.  It was the wedding of a truly lovely couple, held at my new favorite venue (the Carondelet House in Los Angeles).   Their photographer was the very talented Nirav Photography out of San Francisco, and I hope to have some of his photos to share shortly, but in the meantime, here are some of my snaps.

The bridal bouquet was all garden roses accented by jasmine vine and maidenhair fern.  The varieties used were Romantic Antik, Finesse, and King Arthur.

garden rose wedding bouquet romantic antik king arthur finesse jasmine vine maidenhair fern

And we did tiny little posies for each of the mothers – again with roses and maidenhair fern, plus raspberries on the branch and andromeda (aka pieris).  Here they are together:

And a close up of the mother’s posy:

posy raspberry roses maidenhair fern andromeda

For the centerpieces, we did low ceramic bowls in shades of ivory and gray, and a variety of shapes and sizes.   Each arrangement was dominated by a single color / palette, rather than being all mixed up – some were mostly burgundy / red, some medium blush pink, and some pale peachy.   Here is one of the pale ones, boxed up and ready to go:

centerpiece dahlia cafe au lait astilbe anemone oAnd ready to be set out on the table:

One of the blush pink arrangements:

And one of the family style tables adorned with so many mini arrangements:

And on the round tables, we did clusters of three, one of each color:

One of my favorite details about this wedding was the ceremony backdrop, which doubled as sweetheart table backdrop during the dinner.  It was a garland / swag from the exposed ceiling beams, made of smilax with clusters of roses.   Here’s how it looked for dinner time:

And a closeup:

Like I said, I can’t wait to see the pro pics from this wedding.  And a big belated blog congratulations to a beautiful couple!


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