DIY Tutorial – Spring flowers on a footed dish

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted process photos or a DIY how-to! Thought I’d rectify that with shots from an arrangement I made earlier this spring.  Here’s the finished arrangement:

lisianthus amaranthus anemone hydrangea spring how to diy tutorial centerpiece wedding

It’s in a cool snakey shaped silver footed dish that I got at my favorite store for vessels, Home Goods.  The design starts with floral foam thoroughly soaked and taped down with waterproof tape.  Foam should stick up over the edge of the container enough that you can insert stems facing down, to cover the lip.

how to use oasis floral foam diy tutorial floral design centerpiece wedding


The flowers used in this design were:

2 stems antique hydrangea

1 bunch white / light pink varigated lisianthus

1 bunch dark pink lisianthus

1 bunch green centered anemones

2 stems hanging green amaranthus

1 bunch white ranunculus

I started by dividing the hydrangea into florets:

how to make a wedding centerpiece with hydrangea

And then inserted them very close to the foam:

wedding tutorial diy how to hydrangea spring pastel centerpiece

Next I cut the lisianthus stems very short, and begin to insert- I use the buds too, they are my favorite part of working with lisianthus

spring wedding centerpiece anemones ranunculus hydrangea lisianthus

The anemones and ranunculus went in next:

anemone wedding centerpiece

When inserting flowers, I try to keep it dimensional – some protrude further than others, and I try to give them a little space to breathe- this is a garden style arrangement and though it’s very lush, you don’t want flowers crammed together like sardines! To finish it off, I added the touches of hanging green amaranthus at the bottom.

centerpiece how to floral foam hydrangea anemones diy





May 3, 2013 - 7:07 pm

Kathleen Barber - Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

September 4, 2013 - 1:07 pm

Mimi - kate, I love this arrangement. The vessel is gorgeous and the flowers you selected really complement it well. Love lisanthus and the beautiful swirled buds. Lovely!

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