Dahlias In Depth

Inspired by Sharon of Organic Elements’ favorite flower, the Dahlia, today’s post is dedicated to some more in depth Dahlia inspiration.  Dahlias are Summer / Fall flowers that begin to bloom in mid to late July and continue through the first frost, so they’re available well into the Fall, depending on where they’re ordered from.

A word of caution about Dahlias for DIY’ers – DC / Maryland area florist Holly Heider Chapple describes her mixed experiences ordering and shipping non-local Dahlias from floral Wholesalers on this Wedding Aces post.  Their life span after being cut is about 4 days, so there’s no time to waste in routing the flowers.  She says she now specifies California Dahlias when she isn’t able to source Dahlias locally and it’s been working out well.

Excitingly, there are farm fresh California Dahlias that look stunningly beautiful available direct to consumers from California Organic Flowers.  From this party pack for $245 (120 flowers, enough to deck out an event!) to a Summer Bouquet of 12 or 18 stems, having these flowers show up on my doorstep would be a dream!

Another great Dahlia resource if you’re looking for photos of every conceivable variety is grower Corralitos Garden’s catalog.  They don’t ship cut Dahlias, but if you are near Corralitos, CA, they sell individual bunches at a stand on their farm, and fill special orders for events.  Here is my favorite of their varieties, the “Blown Dry”:

Dahlia for bouquet

And now, on to the fun part of this post – my inspiration boards about the freshest ways to use Dahlias in centerpieces and bouquets.

First up, Dahlias used in arrangements of unique shape / structure:


Dahlia Centerpieces

Photos Courtesy Of: Country Living, Grandi Flora, and The Knot

Links to photo sources: Top; Bottom Left; Bottom Right

I love these images because when you normally see floral spheres / pommandes, they’re with carnations or roses, and when you see flowers wired to branches it’s normally done using orchids.  Seeing Dahlias here is unexpected and so welcome!  And I love long, thin table runner style flowers in general.

Next up, Dahlias + Fruit or Vegetables:

Dahlia Wedding Centerpiece

Photos Courtesy of: Cross Pollination, The Knot, and Coco Cozy

Links to photo sources above: Top; Bottom Left; Bottom Right

I especially love the mixture of Dahlias with fruit, because they’re usually associated with Fall elements, and arrangements with fruit (especially lemons) are normally uber Summery.  Again, a nice unexpectedcombination.  But I also love the Dahlia Succulent / Ornamental Kale combos seen here!

Another great Dahlia trend is Dahlias mixed with dark berries.  I adore all three of these pictures- the contrasting texture and color of the dark blue / purple berries makes the Dahlias pop!  Even though I don’t love Hillary Duff’s wedding hair ball, her gorgeous bouquet more than makes up for it ; )

Hillary Duff Wedding Bouquet

Photos courtesy of: Blushing Hostess Entertains, OK Magazine, and The Knot

Links to image sources: Top, Bottom Left, Bottom Right

I love Dahlias so much that I ended up with four more Dahlia inspiration boards, which I will be sharing tomorrow.  Sharon has been so inspirational!


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