Fresh Container – Wax Vessels

I am always on the lookout for new or unexpected varieties of floral containers.  I think that to a big degree, what separates upscale looking floral design from the standard issue is interesting containers.  A lot of times you will see very chic arrangements where a single flower type was arranged very simply- what differentiates them being the container.

I love wax vessels (also sometimes called wax luminaries, candle luminaries or wax vases) because they’re extremely versatile- they can house either flowers or candles or a combination, and they can look traditional or modern.   They have a fantastic texture, and come in all colors, sizes and shapes.

Here are some examples of the looks they can create

They can be brightly color coordinated containers for hand tied arrangements:

Wax Luminaries Wax Vases

Images courtesy of Candles West, Arrangements by Camelback Flower Shop

They look great as bowls in addition to cylinders and cubes:

Flowers In Wax Vases

Images courtesy of Couture Flowers

They make great monochromatic / repeating modern box arrangements:

Flowers In Wax Boxes

Images courtesy of Candles West

And great candle / floral combo tablescapes:

Flowers In Wax Containers Vases Vessles

Images Courtesy of Candles West and Wax In Design

And they’re beautiful filled with classic wedding flowers:

Wax Wedding Vases Containers Unique

Images Courtesy of Candles West, Candle Luminary and Wax In Design

Information about how much wax vessels cost and where they can be bought and rent below the jump!

I have seen wax vessels at the LA Flower Mart for around $7 each for smallish cubes (4 x 4 / 5 x 5 types of sizes), and have seen plain white / ivory luminaries in standard sizes at various online candle marts.  But for the biggest selection of special event vessels, the “one stop shop” online seems to be Candle Luminary.  They both sell and rent wax vessels (rentals in So Cal only), and offer bulk discounts for orders over 20 pieces.   They come in 18 colors (for sale only, rentals are white, ecru and ivory) and literally dozens of sizes.  Prices range from $5 for a small vessel rental to $150 for a massive vessel purchase – a full price sheet comparing all options is available here.

Candles West  is another vendor option- their online store is not up and running as of this writing but there are many inspiration pics on their website and they can be contacted for sales orders (they do not rent).

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