Flower Design Class – Rose Inspirations at Floral Art LA


How to reflex a rose

Jennifer, owner of Floral Art LA, demonstrates how to Reflex a rose

On Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the “Rose Inspirations” class at Floral Art LA.  I have worked with roses a good deal on my own in the past, and don’t consider them the most exciting or exotic of flowers (though I do love them!) so I wasn’t sure going in what I’d necessairly learn about working with them. 

The classes are a fun opportunity to hang out with like minded flower loving people, ask Jennifer and the staff (there were at least 4 Floral Art designers on hand to help) any burning overall questions about flowers, and work under supervision with pre selected, pre conditioned flowers.   Oh, and drink champgane.  ; ) So even if I hadn’t learned anything new, I would have been a satisfied customer!

But that said, I did learn some new tricks! We lined our cylindrical vases in Ti Leaves, which I’d always done horizontally, but this time we cut segments and layered them vertically, which I liked.  The big news was that we learned to Reflex.  I’d seen this technique (where rose petals are forced back / open) but didn’t know what it was called and never would have attempted it on my own.   It instantly made the roses twice the size.  Kind of like a floral push up bra, it is a little bit of a cheat, but I think there’s a time and place for it!

It’s not an easy technique to learn – if you don’t flick the petals back forcefully enough, they’ll slowly go back to their original shape, and if you do it too hard, they will bruise or break.  Jennifer explained that she doesn’t like reflexing garden roses, because it’s sort of like gilding a lily, and that she normally makes a base of reflexed Ecuadorian roses and then mixes more expensive garden roses in as accents. 

Here is my arrangement! I lost count of how many roses went in the small cylinder vase, but there was room for no more by the end – I think it was around two dozen or possibly more. 

Ti leave lined vase rose centerpiece

The Ti Leave lined vase in progress, the arrangement in its box ready for transport, and the finished product

And as a reference after the jump is a list of roses that reflex well given to us at the class:

Red: Freedom, Black Baccaras, Black Magic, Red Magic

Pink: Faith, Geraldine, Miranda, Yves Piaget

Hot Pink: Cherry Pink, Kiko, Hot Princess, Wild One

Yellow: Latina, Tara

Orange: Spicy, Cherry Brandy, Chilli

Peach: Versilia, Message

White: Tibet, Polo, Avalanche

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