DIY Centerpiece – Dessert Tray With Flowers

I love the look of flowers on tiered cake stands.  Here is a dreamy inspiration pic of this look, from Southern Weddings Magazine’s Blog (one my of top 5 favorite wedding blogs btw!)

Flowers On Tiered Cake Dessert Stand

Image Courtesy Of Southern Weddings Magazine

Here it is done (well, half done ; )  on a smaller scale, for around $20 – $30.

I used this 2 tiered cake stand from Jaf Gifts for $10.49 as my base.  To keep the flowers (I chose Dahlias) hydrated, I wanted to experiment with Oasis Mini Deco Holders.  I thought I could use one large Dahlia in each, and planned to scatter 3 single flowers on the tray, 2 on the lower level and 1 on the top.  As I literally ALWAYS do,  I completely underestimated how many flowers would be necessary to cover the  foam.   These deco holders, as I can now tell simply by looking at promo shots from websites that sell them online, take at least  4 – 5  flowers to cover them.

So, my project morphed from single asymmetrically scattered flowers to deco holders with clusters of flowers.  Because of my underestimation, I only had enough flowers to do two deco holders (and in fact had to enlist some green roses from another arrangement to fully cover them!)

Oasis Mini Deco Holder

Deco holder hanging out on the counter

Flowers On Cake Stand Tray Dessert Centerpiece Dahlias

The deco holders, before I realized I could only use 2!

Cake stand centerpiece in progress

Adding flowers / in progress

Next time, I’d use 4 deco balls with at least 4 dahlias on each, entirely covering the 2 plates more like the inspiration picture, or if budget was really tight, simply place 2 – 3 hardy cut flowers with no foam water source randomly on the plates.

Because I did neither of the above, my result was a little wonky, but still cute. Especially at a total of just over $20:

$10.49 for Jaf Gifts 2 Tier Dessert Tray

$3.90 for 5 Dahlias (This was a great price from my local wholesale to the public florist.  On Fifty Flowers, Dahlias are currently $2.50 – $4.50 a stem- they’re about $2 a stem in bulk from California Organic Flowers)

The roses I snatched from another bouquet, but let’s call it $3 for 3 green roses

$3.50 for 3 Mini Deco Holders (available from Save-On-Crafts for $12.99 for 12, the best price I could find online)

Here are pics of the (half!) finished centerpiece.  With 4 bunches of Dahlias, enough to cover 4 deco holders and both of the trays, my total cost would have been up at $30 for the whole centerpiece.

Dahlia centerpiece on 2 tier cake tray stand dessert

The Half Finished Dessert Tray Centerpiece

An angle that shows that gorgeous dinner plate Dahlia!

Purple Dahlia Centerpiece


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