Container Obsession – Glassybaby

I have long had my eye on the beautiful votives/vessels/vases from Seattle called Glassybaby– I am a sucker for single, simple things that come in every color of the rainbow- but suddenly this week, I realized how relevant they are to florals and event decor because I learned that they can be shipped anywhere in the US as RENTALS!

For a special event floral container or votive holder, a $40 purchase would be pretty steep as you need to cluster these for maximum effect, but at the rental price of $5 each, these become one of the least expensive and most impactful container options out there in my opinion!

Beyond their unique look, perfect size, and stunning array of 300 color options, Glassybaby has a touching backstory that also makes the company stand out- as the New York Times explained in a recent store opening write up:

Glassybaby was born after Lee Rhodes, a mother of three, learned she had lung cancer in 1998. To relieve her husband’s stress, she bought him glass blowing lessons and he began to make votives, which she later started selling.

The company also gives 10% of their proceeds to charities, many of them cancer fighting groups.

And without further ado, here are some illustrations of just how versatile Glassybaby is.

They look beautiful in traditional bridal colors with soft florals:

Rent beautiful colored glass vases wedding

Images courtesy of Glassybaby on Facebook

They look great in bright, warm fiesta tablescapes:

Glassybaby Votive Holders

All images courtesy of Glassybaby on Facebook

They look inviting in richer but slightly muted jewel tones:

Seattle Glassblower Glassybaby Votives Glasses

All images courtesy of Glassybaby on Facebook

And gorgeous in crisp, cool colors:

Glass Votive Holder Bud Vases Centerpiece Idea

All images courtesy of Glassybaby on Facebook

Glassybaby inspiration continues tomorrow with part 2!

The company’s site has a wonderfully earnest and compelling description of what’s so great about Glassybabies, written by Lee’s 12 year old son.  It appears in full after the jump because I’m so in love with it – I think Hector should slip this to Don Draper, he’d make an excellent copywriter!

Aglassybabyis physically a small, colored, glass cup, candleholder, or vase. But the light of a candle coming through aglassybabygenerates more; it gives warmth to a cold day, a calm token of peace in the busy world.

Since 1998, Lee Rhodes has been designing, publicizing, and selling these small, extremely tough and strong cups. In 2001, she began to learn to blow these glasses, and has produced many glasses since.

glassybabyare made through a multi-layered glass-blowing process and their color comes from different shaded color rods to produce a mix of opaque, translucent, and deeply colored glasses. This method creates a thick, strong piece of glass that has many functions and uses.

glassybabycome in a multitude of different colors that you can mix to create a stunning, flickering picture for a quiet vigil or a bustling party. Shining out of a window, aglassybabycreates an aura of love and good that fills the heart of anyone on the sidewalk or street.

There is almost no limit to the moods and feelings that aglassybabyor group ofglassybabycan produce in someone, be it the calm and tranquil mint green or the inspiring dark orange.

As glasses,glassybabyare beautiful and useful: they act as cups and goblets, and the transparent colors are ideal for this job.glassybabyare dishwasher safe and are practically indestructible when you drop them.

glassybabyare useful in many ways. But their real use is lifting bad moods and loneliness. Their warm and colored light flickers like we do in everyday life.glassybabyserve as a metaphor to symbolize hope and are humble in spirit but not beauty. Whatever your mood, aglassybabycan keep your home inviting and full of spirit.

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