Great budget containers – Sake Cups and Sets!

Last night my fiance and I went out to a sushi dinner, and naturally I found a way to make it about Floret Cadet ; )

We drank from gracefully curved Sake glasses, slightly larger and infinitely classier than shot glasses, also a little bit wider than a single bud vase, and no doubt inexpensive- it seemed like the perfect mini/accent floral container to me so I did a search today to price them out.

This set of 6 sake cups from Amazon (note- all Amazon links are affiliate links) is similar to what we drank from, and they’re just over $2 each- a great deal! Wouldn’t these look pretty in major multiples running down a long table, or in guest bathrooms?

Sake Glasses flower vase wedding

While searching, I found several additional sake sets, glasses, and pitchers that would be cute budget floral containers.  Enjoy!

This glass sake cupwould also look nice with a single large bloom like a dahlia in it I think.  It’s $2.99. 

Glass Sake Cup Wedding Creative Alternative Vase Flowers

And small glass cups also come in blue and green:

blue glass sake cup flower container vase wedding

green glass sake cup wedding vase table inexpensive cheap

And here’s a really cool set of 6 double wall glass sake cups for $15.95 that would also look very pretty with a large floating flower in my opinion:

This White Porcelain Sake Bottle  is only $2.49, and a cute pitcher style container.  It would look great with hot pink Peonies or Dahlias clustered inside!

Sake Pitcher Vase

And here’s a whole 5 Piece Sake Set that’s similar – all pieces for $3.50.  The glasses would look so cute clustered around the larger pitcher!

Sake Set Flower Vase

I think that this crackled glass set would look really pretty with submerged line flowers like larkspur inside the vase wrapped around the circle, and coordinating flowers on top and in the sake glass bud vases!

inexpensive sake set for wedding flowers

I also loved this sweet porcelain plum blossom sake set– it’s only $12 and would look so sweet with delicate all white flowers like ranunculus inside:

inexpensive sake set wedding flowers alternative container idea

I’m inspired and planning to order one or more of these sets to experiment with, so stay tuned for pics!

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