Some favorite new varieties

It’s almost baby time! I have such a back log of things I want to blog, and now that I’m officially on maternity leave and just playing the waiting game, maybe I’ll get caught up.

I have snapped some pics over the past few months of some varieties of flowers that are new to me, but have quickly become favorites, and wanted to share them here!

Today I’ll post some rose varieties, and later this week, some really cool greens I’ve discovered.

First up is the King Arthur Garden Rose – a specialty of a new wholesaler I used for a predominantly garden rose wedding I did.  These guys are just so cool – I’m getting really into the bi-colored roses, and love that these are so subtly gradated, rather than just having different colored tips.  I really just can’t get enough of these guys! They were a super star in Kemi & Ian’s wedding, which I’ll be blogging soon!

king arthur garden roses

These next roses aren’t technically garden roses, but they opened so wide (what I’ve heard referred to as their aperture), that they had the same lush look.  And I just love their perfect neutral peachy creamy color- they are kind of the rose equivalent of my beloved Lizzy carnations ; ) These are Message roses – a relatively new variety that I spotted at Mayesh, and was so pleasantly surprised by as they opened.

message rose

message rose variety

kabuki spray garden rosesThese beauties were also sitting at Mayesh last time I went in – I had seen them on Bloom Japan’s website before and lusted after them, but had never seen them in person.  They’re a spray garden rose variety called Kabuki – bright pink, with an almost otherworldly green tint at the petal edges.  I’m in love!

And last but not least, another favorite spray rose variety – forgive me, because I didn’t photograph these guys until they had started to bruise a little bit.  These are the most luscious peach color, and just so pretty and dainty!  A new standby for sure.

girlie follies spray roses

I hope that some of you love these rose varieties as much as I do!

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Double Trouble!

Inspired by this design by Philadelphia based master floral designer Sullivan Owen, which features some absolutely lovely double Hellebores that I didn’t even recognize at first in the context of the bouquet, I wanted to share some photos of some very cool double varieties of some of my favorite flowers.

I know the commercial availability of these varieties isn’t consistent, but I have seen some of them on occasion and hope we’ll be seeing more of them!

Let’s start with the Hellebores – I truly love these flowers (those mottled magentas, burgundies and greens they come in are just to die for) – and even more so in their double trouble form!

Image sources: Top; Bottom


Image sources: Top left; top right; bottom left; bottom right

I am also loving some of the double hydrangea varieties I’ve seen on nursery and garden sites.  Hope to get my hands on some soon!  I know the scale is much different, but don’t the blooms on the white ones almost look like gardenias?

Image sources: Top left; top right; bottom left; bottom right
Stay tuned next week – I’m collecting my favorite double lilies, tulips, and anemones next!