Real Wedding Flowers by Powell Pictures and Bows & Arrows Dallas

Excited about this real wedding flowers submission from a Texan wedding shot by Powell Pictures! First of all, the flowers are by Bows & Arrows from Dallas, who I have long had a long distance flower crush on : ) And second – look closely starting with the second pic – it features those *amazing* bright purple berries that I believe must be Beauty Berries, right?  (Unless they are pink snowberries and the saturation of the photo is manipulated which makes them appear darker?)  Speaking of which, I can’t wait for snow berries to be back in season- they really are one of my favorites.

I’m on the case trying to figure out for sure what they are.  Meanwhile, let me know if you have other guesses!  I hope that if they’re new to me, they’re commercially available – I have had my heart broken too many times admiring things in bouquets only to find that the designer liberated it from the roadside in their neighborhood and it’s not shipped anywhere! : )

bedford texas wedding bows and arrows dallas

August 24, 2012 - 10:57 am

Kelly (Botanique) - Hi Kate! I think those are pink snowberries. Last year I saw them in color ranging from snow white to almost fuchsia, similar to these photos. They are so great! I am super excited they are coming back into season too!

August 24, 2012 - 10:59 am

Kate - Yeah, that’s what they were looking like to me too the more I stared – I have never seem them so saturated! Exciting – I hope I see some really bright ones like this pretty soon here

Elsewhere On The Internet…

So I finally converted my Floret Cadet facebook account from a personal account to a small business page (meaning that I’m trafficking in ‘likes’ rather than friends now) – it was a long overdue change!  I would appreciate any and all new ‘likes’ – and promise not to post multiple times a day like I did yesterday (I lost all past links / photos when I converted the account over : )

floret cadet facebook

Also wanted to share that I’m guest blogging on one of my favorite baby blogs – Spearmint Baby! Will be posting each Thursday for the foreseeable future (I didn’t want to clog up this blog with lots of baby related stuff, but have a lot that I wanted to share).  Hope to see some of you over there!

Here are my posts, so far an intro post with a preview of what we’re doing in the nursery and some budget conscious nursery decor tips, and today’s, about healthy / easy meal planning and delivery options I’m considering for the weeks post baby.





Cute Canning Containers – Williams Sonoma

I was in Williams Sonoma the other day and saw these juice jars in their canning supplies section – they’re $18 for 3, so not dirt cheap but not unreasonable as centerpiece containers either.  They’d look so cute filled with flowers and are a good alternative if you’re looking for that vintage milk jug look but don’t want to hand collect, or don’t want printing on the bottles.

vintage milk jug jar wedding mason canning shabby chic flowers



August 1, 2012 - 9:33 am

Madeline - You can also by them online from the manufacturer. There Weck Jars and I have become completely obsessed with them of late and am using them for an upcoming wedding. They have great images on Pinterest too!! LIke I said…obsessed.

August 1, 2012 - 9:38 am

Kate - Thanks! Great tip – for anyone interested, here are a couple of links to the jars for sale on the Weck website!

September 16, 2012 - 12:58 pm

Michele Westrick - I couldn’t agree more. Such a cute way to display florals.