Vase Wrapping Shopping Trip – Hiromi Paper

Today I went shopping for the paper with which I’ll be wrapping vases and containers this weekend.  Wanted to share pictures of paper heaven Hiromi Paper Inc. in Santa Monica, CA.  It’s located in the Bergamot Arts station gallery and studio compound, but has a fully functional website where you can order all of their papers.

Some of the standout papers from the trip were the brightly colored Indian, Japanese and Thai decorative paper sheets

And the real wood veneer Paper Woods, available in Maple, Aspen, Walnut, Cherry, Cedar and Birdseye Maple for prices ranging from $3.50 for an 8.5″ x. 11″ sheet to $9.80 for the more expensive woods’ 11″ x. 17″ sheets.  They’re flexible enough to definitely wrap a cylindrical vase with them (not sure about folding them around a square vase and making clear corners without snapping).  Stay tuned after the weekend, because I bought a large sheet to experiment with!

Weekend DIY Preview – Wrapped Containers

I’ve been mentally tinkering with the idea of fabric or paper covered vases for some time now, and this weekend will be tackling a covered vase flower trial.  Rather than using a glass vase, as this fantastic sample project created by David Stark for Redbook does, I’ll be tinkering with a more economical version of the recipe using cardboard boxes and cylinders, and/or tupperware style plastic containers.


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