Floret Cadet will be featuring real weddings and events – from a floral perspective.   All submissions should be emailed to  I can also take submissions via Two Bright Lights.  Here’s what I’m looking for:

From photographers:

  • A collection of photos of each floral element of the same wedding (bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, flower girl and other personal flowers, ceremony florals, centerpieces and any other floral details)
  • Preferred style for florals to be featured is “artisanal”- flowers with character that have been highly customized for the event.  Designs that are seasonal and incorporate striking color combinations and interesting textures.  Bouquets that feature unique details like intricate hand crafted handle wraps.   I am not looking for ballrooms decked out with crystals and 10,000 red roses.   I love modern, vintage, eclectic, rustic, swanky weddings and everything in between – as long as the flowers were a priority and are distinctive.
  • I obviously have to know who the florist was for the wedding being featured!  I am also happy to credit event planners or anyone else whose work is reflected in the photos submitted.

We are also interested in submissions direct from florists.  Here’s what those might look like:

  • I do a feature called “Florists Favorites” where great florists share their current favorite flower to work with, explain why they’ve chosen it, and share a couple of pictures of the flower featured in their work.
  • I am very interested in featuring ‘behind the scenes’ photos of florists’ work – whether it’s showing a design’s translation from a sketch to reality, your cart at the wholesaler translated to buckets in the studio, and finally used in designs, or an on site installation in progress.
  • I am also interested in florist submitted tutorials – with step by step photos (or better yet video!) of how to create a basic but on trend floral design.